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Every source code file in KDE is required to have a license and copyright tags as specified in the KDE Licensing Policy. Many source files are either missing a license, missing copyright tags or missing email addresses. The EBN reports these in the code checking section.

The aim of this Code Quality Effort is to make sure that all KDE source files in 4.x current contain valid copyright tags and licenses.

Files with Missing Licenses

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Files with missing copyright tags

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Files with missing copyrgight-holder emails

Some files contain a copyright tag with the holder's name, but not their email address. It is required by the KDE Licensing Policy that the copyright holder's email address should be included in the copyright tag. You can often find out who the copyright holder should be by looking at the file's history in the KDE Subversion Repository.

Before adding the copyright holder's email, you should confirm with them that you are adding the correct details to the file. You should email them listing the files you want to add their email address to (try and send one email with many files listed in if possible so as not to flood people with emails for each individual file) to confirm that this is indeed the correct email to be adding. You may also CC your email to [email protected] Please list the files/directories of the KDE source code that you have contacted people about below, to avoid someone else doing the same files aswell.

Files with missing emails where copyright holder has been contacted

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