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Launching KDE4 applications from KDE3


I have a kde3 app installed, as well as kdebase3, it will launch konqueror-3, while I of course want konqueror-4.


  • Make a script ~/bin/konqueror-4 like this:
source /the/kde4_env
konqueror $*
  • Make it executable chmod u+x ~/bin/konqueror-4
  • Then use keditfiletype text/html (in your kde3 env) and add konqueror-4. It will create a ~/.kde/share/applnk/.hidden/konqueror-4.desktop which isn't seen by kde4 if you use a different KDEHOME for kde4.

You might have to do the same with a kfmclient-4 script, for applications who call kfmclient directly (e.g. via invokeBrowser).

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