Current System Settings organization

Appearance/ Appearance/*Style/Desktop (plasma theme config) Appearance/*Style/Applications (qt widget style config) Appearance/*Colors Appearance/*Icons Appearance/*Fonts Appearance/*Windows (window decoration theme and settings) Appearance/*SplashScreen Appearance/*Emoticons [merge with "Icons"?]

Desktop/*Desktop Effects (compositing, effects, config) Desktop/*Multiple Desktops (virtual desktops) Desktop/*Screen Edges (screen edges action) [isn't this related to effects/compositing?] Desktop/*Screensaver [isn't this "Appearance" too?] [OSX- rename parent to "Desktop & Screensaver"] Desktop/*Launch Feedback (boucing cursor, taskbar entry before app loaded) [move to Notifications!]

Notifications/*System notifications Notifications/*System Bell (is this still useful?)


Personal/About Me/*Password & User Account [rename to "User Account"] ?

  • Accesibility [conflicting system bell setting? see Notification]
  • Default apps

Regional & Language/*CountryRegion & Lang Regional & Language/*KeyboardLayout [move/merge with keyboard settings?] Regional & Language/*SpellChecker

Network Settings/*Proxy Network Settings/*Conn preferences Network Settings/*Service Discovery

  • Sharing
  • Date&Time

Display/*Size and orientation (xrandr) Display/*Power control [I think this does conflict with some PowerDevil settings, but I'm not sure if PD works in a desktop PC] Display/*Gamma [needs oxygenized icon] Display/*Multiple monitors

  • Font installer
  • Input Actions (custom hotkey and mouse gesture defined actions)

Keyboard and Mouse [could be renamed to "Input Devices"? it also includes joystick ;)] Keyboard and Mouse/*Keyboard Keyboard and Mouse/*Mouse Keyboard and Mouse/*Joystick Keyboard and Mouse/*Standard Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard and Mouse/*Global Keyboard Shortcuts [err, too much shortcuts, this should be merged together; may be the same KCM with different Tabs ???]

  • Multimedia
  • Remote controls (LIRC)
  • Remote widgets policies [I don't know about this]

  • Akonadi Config [could this be moved to "Personal/PIM Configuration" ?]
  • AudioCD [move to Computer Admin/CD&DVD ?]
  • AutoStart [rename to "Autostart applications"?]
  • CDDB Retrieval [move to Computer Admin/CD&DVD ?]
  • Desktop Search
  • Desktop Theme Details [merge with "Appearance/Style/Desktop"??]
  • Device Actions
  • Digital Camera [move to Computer Admin? it is a simple device]
  • File Associations
  • KDE Resources [can this be merged with Akonadi config?]
  • KDE Wallet
  • Service Manager [rename to "KDE Services Manager"]
  • Session Manager
  • Hardware (Solid backends config) [rename to something more specific?]
  • Login Manager
  • PolicyKit Auth
  • Power Management [move to Computer Admin ?]

Future SystemSettings organization brainstorm

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