Discussion Points

From "Notifications:

  • KNotify is from "Applications" ?
  • SystemBell and Launch Feedback could be in a "System Notifications" group in "Workspace" ?

Where is the boundary in this notifications-related KCMs ?


Where does File Association belongs to ? "Applications" behavior?


Should "Custom Shortcuts" ("Input Actions") be a Workspace setting? (it is mostly used to launch apps; but it is also used for some intra-apps things)


"Screen Edges" seems to be belong to both "Desktop" and "Windows", so it may end up as a top-level module in "Workspace" ....


As files get changed, I'll fill out the page with their locations.

  1. Application Appearance and Behaviour [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-application-appearance-and-behavior.desktop]
  • Application Appearance [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-application-appearance.desktop]

-- Style [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/style/style.desktop] -- Colours [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/colors/colors.desktop] -- Icons [Merge Emoticons] [kdebase/runtime/kcontrol/icons/icons.desktop] [kdebase/runtime/kcontrol/emoticons/emoticons.desktop] -- Fonts [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/fonts/fonts.desktop]

  • Shortcuts and Gestures [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-shortcuts-and-gestures.desktop] (Needs icon!)

-- Standard Keyboard Shortcuts [moved from "Keyboard & Mouse"] [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/standard_actions/standard_actions.desktop] -- Global Keyboard Shortcuts [moved from "Keyboard & Mouse"] [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/keys/keys.desktop] -- Custom Shortcuts [was "Input Actions"; moved from "Keyboard & Mouse"] [kdebase/workspace/khotkeys/kcm_hotkeys/khotkeys.desktop]

  • Account Details [was "About Me"] [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-account-details.desktop]

-- User Account [kdebase/apps/kdepasswd/kcm/kcm_useraccount.desktop] -- Paths [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/desktoppaths/desktoppath.desktop] -- Password Management [was "KDE Wallet"] [should also let users edit the wallets] [Couldn't find it on this run through, I probably didn't have it installed for some reason or another] -- Social Desktop [ was "Open Collaboration Services providers" ] [kdebase/runtime/attica/kcm/kcm_attica.desktop]

  • Locale [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-locale.desktop]

-- Language [kdebase/runtime/kcontrol/locale/language.desktop] [Needs fixed comment] -- Time & Numeric units [was "Country/Region & Language"] [Needs extracted from Language] -- Spell Checker [kdebase/runtime/kcontrol/spellchecking/spellchecking.desktop]

  • Application and System Notifications [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-application-and-system-notifications.desktop]

-- Manage Notifications [kdebase/runtime/kcontrol/knotify/kcmnotify.desktop] [needs updated description to not refer to 'system' any more.] -- System Bell [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/bell/bell.desktop] -- Launch Feedback [moved from "Desktop"] [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/launch/kcmlaunch.desktop]

  • Personal Information [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-personal-information.desktop] [Needs different icon]

-- Akonadi [kdepim/runtime/kcm/kcm_akonadi.desktop] [Needs the akonadi icon] -- Personal Resources [was "KDE Resources"] [kdepimlibs/kresources/kresources.desktop] [Needs a *much* better description]

  • File Associations [Needs to be grouped somewhere, probably with 'Default Applications'] [kdebase/runtime/keditfiletype/filetypes.desktop]
  1. Workspace Appearance and Behaviour [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-workspace-appearance-and-behavior.desktop]
  • Desktop Appearance [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-desktop-appearance.desktop]

-- Splash Screen [kdebase/workspace/ksplash/kcm/ksplashthememgr.desktop] -- Plasma Theme [Split from "Style"] -- Window Decorations [was "Windows"] [kdebase/workspace/kwin/kcmkwin/kwindecoration/kwindecoration.desktop] -- Cursor Theme [extracted from the Keyboard&Mouse/"Mouse" KCM]

  • Desktop Effects [Split out] [was "Desktop Effects"] [kdebase/workspace/kwin/kcmkwin/kwincompositing/kwincompositing.desktop]

-- General -- Effects [was "All Effects"] -- Advanced

  • Window Behavior [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-window-behaviour.desktop]

-- Screen Edges (move to Desktop Effects?) [kdebase/workspace/kwin/kcmkwin/kwinscreenedges/kwinscreenedges.desktop] -- Task Switcher [was "Navigate Through Windows"] [kdebase/workspace/kwin/kcmkwin/kwintabbox/kwintabbox.desktop] -- Window Behavior [kdebase/workspace/kwin/kcmkwin/kwinoptions/kwinoptions.desktop] -- Window Rules [was "Window Specific"] [kdebase/workspace/kwin/kcmkwin/kwinrules/kwinrules.desktop] -- Virtual Desktops [kdebase/workspace/kwin/kcmkwin/kwindesktop/desktop.desktop]

  • Default Applications [kdebase/runtime/kcontrol/componentchooser/componentchooser.desktop]
  • Desktop Layout and Dashboard [new Plasma KCM, requires a proper name, ping aseigo/notmart]
  • Accesibility [Split out]

-- Bell [This also exists under notifications. which one do we want?] -- Modifier Keys -- Keyboard Filters -- Activation Gestures

  • Desktop search

-- [All Nepomuk stuff]

  1. Hardware [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-hardware.desktop]
  • Display/Monitor settings [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-display.desktop]

-- Size & Orientation [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/randr/randr.desktop] -- Gamma [kdegraphics/kgamma/kcmgamma/kgamma.desktop] -- Multiple Monitors [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/xinerama/xinerama.desktop] -- Screen saver [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/screensaver/screensaver.desktop]

  • Audio & Video [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-audio-and-video.desktop] [needs icon]

-- [Phonon stuff] [kdebase/runtime/phonon/kcm/kcm_phonon.desktop] -- Audio CD Ripping [was "Audio CDs"] [kdemultimedia/kioslave/audiocd/kcmaudiocd/audiocd.desktop] -- CDDB Retrieval [kdemultimedia/libkcddb/kcmcddb/libkcddb.desktop]

  • Main Input Devices (keyboard & mouse/touchpad) [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-main-input-devices.desktop] [needs icon]

-- Keyboard [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/keyboard/kcm_keyboard.desktop] [needs better name] -- Keyboard Layout [moved from "Regional & Language"] -- Mouse [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/input/mouse.desktop]

  • Other Input Devices [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-other-input-devices.desktop] [NEEDS ICON. BADLY.]

-- Joystick [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/hardware/joystick/joystick.desktop] -- Remote Control

  • Removable devices (usb stick, massive storage, misc devices) [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-removable-devices.desktop]

-- Device Actions (solid actions + Automounter config) [kdebase/runtime/solid-device-automounter/kcm/device_automounter_kcm.desktop] -- Digital Camera [kdegraphics/kamera/kcontrol/kamera.desktop]

  • Printers

-- [Printing stuff goes here]

  • Power Management [Split for treeview] [kdebase/workspace/powerdevil/kcmodule/powerdevilconfig.desktop]

-- General Settings -- Edit Profiles -- Capabilities

  1. Network & Connectivity [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-network-and-connectivity.desktop]
  • Network Connections

-- Network Management (NM config) -- Other (related to NM) -- Wicd (does this exist?, future?)

  • Sharing [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-sharing.desktop]

-- Windows Shares [was "Samba"] [kdebase/apps/konqueror/settings/kio/smb.desktop] -- Network Credentials [was "Local Network Browsing"] -- [Plasma widget sharing]

  • Network Settings [Needs better name] [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-network-settings.desktop]

-- Proxy [kdebase/apps/konqueror/settings/kio/proxy.desktop] -- Connection Preferences [kdebase/apps/konqueror/settings/kio/netpref.desktop] -- Service Discovery [kdebase/runtime/kcontrol/dnssd/kcm_kdnssd.desktop]

  • Bluetooth [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-bluetooth.desktop]
  1. System Administration [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-system-administration.desktop]
  • Date & Time [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/dateandtime/clock.desktop]
  • Font Installer [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/kfontinst/kcmfontinst/fontinst.desktop]
  • Permissions (policykit + remote widgets) [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-permissions.desktop] [Maybe merge with 'Security'?]

-- Authorization Policy [was "PolicyKit Authorisation"] -- Remote Widgets -- Disc Burning [was "K3b Setup"] [extragear/multimedia/k3b/k3bsetup/k3bsetup.desktop] [Shouldn't this belong in hardware?]

  • Security [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-security.desktop]

-- Login Screen [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/kdm/kdm.desktop] -- User Accounts [was "User Manager"]

  • Startup & Shutdown [kdebase/workspace/systemsettings/categories/settings-startup-and-shutdown.desktop]

-- Autostart [kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/autostart/autostart.desktop] -- Session Management [kdebase/workspace/ksmserver/kcm/kcmsmserver.desktop]

Usability Discussion

Started after Trever did a quick usability study with a friend:

Current topics

  • Usability studies are needed.
  • We need a formal policy on what goes where, with something similar to the Desktop Menu Spec by Otherwise, everyone will be upset when we change things for every request.
  • Tabs are bad
  • Maybe a better UI?
  • Usability studies are needed.

Things that need to be done

  • Review the icons for everything
  • Review the comments for everything
  • Split the KCMs with tabs into separate KCMs
  • Drop general/advanced category support for systemsettings (finally)
  • display.desktop - Contains the same exact components as "kcmshell4 randr kgamma xinerama screensaver". Nuke it.
  • kcmtrash - This should go somewhere.
  • kcmperformance.desktop - Needs split out into two pieces, one for konqueror and another for KDE as a whole
  • Review every .desktop file that shows up as kcontrol as the parent app. The majority of the ones who shouldn't show up in kcontrol are simply for konqueror. However, they should get their own category.
  • Write a specification of the different categories, their usage, along with clear-cut definitions of what is and isn't acceptable for each.

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