<timeline> ImageSize = width:550 height:200 DateFormat = mm/dd/yyyy Period = from:01/01/2007 till:12/31/2007 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:mm/yyyy

ScaleMajor = increment:1 unit:year start:01/01/2007 ScaleMinor = increment:1 unit:month increment:1 start:01/01/2007

PlotArea = left:130 bottom:30 top:30 right:10 # e.g. extra space to the left and below the plot area for axis labels and legend

Colors =

 id:yellow6          value:rgb(1,0.6,0)
 id:skyblue3         value:rgb(0.172,0.447,0.780)

BarData =

 bar:MS1 text:Milestone 1
 bar:MS2 text:Milestone 2
 bar:BC  text:Beta Cycle
 bar:RC  text:Release Candidate Cycle
 bar:TL  text:Events

PlotData =

 bar:TL width:40 color:yellow6 
 from:start till:end
 at:04/01/2007 mark:(line,skyblue3) align:center shift:(0,-20) text:"Subsystem Freeze"
 at:05/01/2007 mark:(line,skyblue3) align:center shift:(0,-10) text:"Soft API Freeze"
 at:06/01/2007 mark:(line,skyblue3) align:center shift:(0,0) text:"Feature Freeze"
 at:06/25/2007 mark:(line,skyblue3) align:center shift:(0,10) text:"Full API Freeze"
 at:10/23/2007 mark:(line,skyblue3) align:center shift:(0,0) text:"Final Release"
 bar:MS1     from:04/01/2007 till:05/31/2007 color:skyblue3
 bar:MS2     from:06/01/2007 till:06/24/2007 color:skyblue3
 bar:BC      from:06/25/2007 till:09/24/2007 color:skyblue3
 bar:RC      from:09/25/2007 till:10/22/2007 color:skyblue3  


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