What is the vision behind krunner and the runners?


krunner is a GUI command line. The use of runners should be pervasive in all parts of the desktop

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Aaron Seigo

the GUI command line stuff is one of those quiet undercurrents that's been going around for a few years now and is quite interesting. krunner is heavily inspired by these ideas; krunner is not particularly innovative (yet?). really i just needed something to replace the minicli from kdesktop and decided we may as well try to do something Better(tm) or even maybe Right(tm) .. i'm a big believer in this whole gui/cli concept, though, and where krunner goes beyond what is out there right now is in two important places:

  • the plugins are available for anyone to use, it's not a cut-off-from-the-rest-of-the-world tool. quicksilver, katapult, gnome-do, deskbar .. they are all fairly sealed off. i think this is simply a case of not realizing the full possible scope. runners should become pervasive (e.g. kickoff, a plasmoid, perhaps even in other apps?)
  • it's part of the default set up of a production desktop. pretty much all the other things out there are add ons. this is really one of the benefits of free software: we don't have to convince a huge company to try this out, we can just DO IT.


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