User:Augustin/Improve the wiki as your learn

The beginners are those who have the most to contribute to a wiki like this one!

Advanced programmers understand everything (or most). Also, they don't even need to read the wiki, much less the tutorials in the first place. So they are not the ones who will discover the mistakes and inadequacies.

Beginners on the other hand read everything carefully, because they want to learn. They spend time trying each tutorial. They are the ones who will find typos, mistakes, etc.

As I am reading the tutorials, I am showing my gratitude to those who took the time to write them in the first place by spending some of my time improving the layout, fixing typos, correcting mistakes I find and that I can correct... or asking others about mistakes I find and that I don't know how to fix.

Please join me in making the wiki the best that it can be. Thanks.


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