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    Realization that facebook is just a log analyzer / nagios like program and geocities like website. that could be done better with technology from KDE


    Basically, take all of your instant message programs, throw them away, use Kopete... ;) (which should be merged with kmail, knotifier, rss feed reader... because they manage the same general kind of data....

    Have a log viewer program, that has Kmail view, Chat (was IM) view, Notify View (for certain high priority messages.. example, an email from a boss is a pop-up-able event.. and sometimes NOT getting a message from a boss is a pop-up-abble event)


    Tree/ Mail

    A tree where selected "query" results in one message being shown.


    a display of a message on the screen generally by itself / Real-Time

    Chat view

    Basically a filtered mail view, where more than one message is shown (a whole branch on a tree) where that query is also sorted by time.

    Triggers / Que

    When we get a message, parse it, detect who it came from, what hints are given about the content, other analysis of content, and put it inorder of when it is supposed to be processed

    Message Fields

    (different than protocol, there are many many ways to do IPC, and these may need to be encoded differently, or already be known, estimated or calcuated)

    • time till act
    • check condition
    • what to do if condition is met when time is triggered
    • what to do if condition is not met
    • what to do if can't check condition
    • expected quantity formula -- (events of this type may come in bursts and be good... durration of a burst.. etc) but a minimu should be maximum and minimum, and durration, how long between them min, how long between min, how long max, how long min
    • declared chain ( group together these messages please)
    • declared source ( dbus and others do com.domain.sub...
    • initial severity weight (critical, regular,minor)
    • intent, inform, invite, request
    • Friends/ Friends of Friends / Private
    • Which of your friends for you to send it to.
    • electronic signature

    Log analyzer

    if source is known and validated, if severity and other conditions are met, forward messages. (keep a chain of forwarding... or not dependant on rules)

    database of friends

    • who is your friend
    • list of friends friends


    What to do when friends start bombing other friends with the same message?, for one thing, we can start with sending headers rather than full messages. A computer should reject a message if it has already been received,

    -- There are plenty of messages bouncing about a whole lot if done wrong a sender would send directly to friends of friends.. however someone could still send to extra, and end up with collisions. Another method would be to tell your friends which of the friends to send it to, that way they don't send twice, and bandwidth is used more locally. (assuming friends have more local friends)

    Web Site

    We would want a personal website that is an aggrigator for your personal messages. Tagging, This is sending a message to people and posing your tag list to your website.


    I rambled on, tired