Translator Account/2012

The list of translators registered in 2011 is now archived at Translator_Account/2011

User Name Language Lang.Code Comment Off-line? Date added
christianw French fr Yes 20180126
phoenixlzx Simplified Chinese zh-cn Yes 20120213
Latif Indonesian id No 20120213
Mitsakoz1989 Greek el No 20120311
Amachu Tamil ta Sometimes 20120322
Aracele Brazilian Portuguese pt-br No 20120326
Torbjoern German de Sometimes 20120407
Airon90 Esperanto eo No 20120517
RoEn German de Yes 20120604
RoEn Russian ru Yes 20120604
Polix German de No 20120604
Polix Russian ru No 20120604
Polix Ukrainian uk No 20120604
dburgoyn German de Yes 20120625
dburgoyn French fr Yes 20120625
Libertypo Romanian ro Yes 20120627
Libertypo Italian it Yes 20120627
Gallaecio Galician gl Yes 20120722
shantha Tamil ta Sometimes 20120810
Freetznightsoul Russian ru Yes 20120812
naveenmtp Tamil ta Sometimes 20120816
Abella Catalan ca No 20120918
Olegkuksa Russian ru No 20121104
Inzuiqiang Chinese zh-cn No 20121104
Fredtantini French fr Yes 201211104
PanchoS German de No 20121104
Kirebyte Spanish es Yes 20121107
Accumulator Dutch nl Yes 20121112
Berryboy2012 Chinese zh-cn Yes 20121118
6ahodir Uzbek uz Yes 20121118
Aroshni Spanish es Yes 20121127

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