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Google calender support for Akonadi/KOrganizer

I don't have sufficient knowledge of the codebase to write up a full blown proposal, but since GSoC is sponsored by google and for KDE, wouldn't this be a perfect project for it? I seen where akondi devs have talked about GCal support, but I haven't seen anything come of it. Full co-operation between kontact and Google apps would be a dream come true -- When I'm forced to use a non-linux box, I could just open up google and everything I need would be there -- from email to calendars to rss feeds. If only GCal supported "Todo"'s.... I suppose the only problem here is if this project would be doable in the constraints of GSoC.

Comment by krake: This is already being worked on here.

KMail HTML support

Shouldn't this SoC be based on porting the composer to be based off of WebKit/KHTML with contentEdtiable? It is the only way KMail is ever going to properly support rich email creation. The current composer is about 5 years behind the times in capabilities because it is based off of QRichTextEdit.

Work on GTK+ application integration into KDE

Work on the GTK+ projects that use the Qt theming API and the KDE api for GTK/Gnome applications to improve integration of those gnome apps into the kde desktop.

This is done for: theming, file dialogs ,Open/Save file, OK/Cancel vs the gnome way Cancel/OK buttons.

Yes I know those are not part of official KDE4 but IMHO those are needed and many people use them. It would be very benefical to KDE to improve things in those projects and maybe even support them officially. And without KDE support those have no chance to be part of GSoC2009. If anyone says it should be done on GNOME/GTK+ front I do agree but sadly I don't think they care enough about KDE to do so. In general it is about improving how GTK+ apps integrate when running in KDE4 desktop, so be aware that KDE might not have any mentors for this.