Talk:Projects/Oxygen/Sound Theme Technical Specification

User:Bille I like them too. I listened to them cold, ie without reading the design yet, to get a clean first impression.

The first time I thought they sounded a bit Bontempi but that was through the X60's tiny speaker. With desktop speakers they sound good, plenty of breadth to the sounds.

2 observations, forgive me if these are known about:

  • The login/logout sounds are distorted at any level on my sound card. It's the third to sixth notes played on the right (i think) hand at the beginning of the login sound that are too loud and especially distorted.
  • The sounds are fine played alternately (try "while true; do ogg123; ogg123 im.msg.out.ogg; done") but get monotonous when one side is not replying.

Could I suggest the maker does an additional 'in' and 'out' sound, slightly lower than the first one, that quality IM clients (Kopete ;)) can play alternately with the first one.

That way you would get a 'conversation' effect, read this from left to right with each char representing one message/SFX:

In: ^_ ^_^_^ ^_^_ ^_

Out: *.*. * *.*.*. and so on.

user:npovoa Bille, thanks for the input :) I was not aware of the distortion in those notes. I created the sounds using headphones and played them a good deal through speakers as well, a few people got a sneak preview of them and no one complained about it, however dropping a few db's on the sounds overall shouldn't hurt (there might be a discrepancy in volume when you are, say, watching a movie and a system sound is played, but...alas, it's all about compromise).

I really like your idea regarding the IM messages, I will surely implement that.

I'm working on version 2.0 of the sounds, they are going to be totally different but that doesn't invalidate this discussion in anyway. Lessons learned :)

thanks again! -N

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