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Proposal for this page

This would be a super duper helpfull way to get people into developing this software.

We should provide virtual machine images of a basic suse or debian enviornment, with eclipse or at least kdevelop set up, with all the kde svn scripts and source already downloaded, compiled and ready for somebody to simply jump in and edit kde source code.

I am nearly certain that it does not have to be huge..

Yes, compiling stuff in virtual machines is slower, but in reality we should be able to keep one up to date for new users, and doing an svn update should keep older installs current along... and a lot of it wont need to be recompiled or updated in the virtual machine because the changes will be small.

The download file will be rather large, however compression should be able to find patterns between intermediate objects and the final products, so hopefully a compressed copy will only be a kde install larger than kde+source -- User:AaronPeterson

Thanks, it is hard to imagine how much my KDE-developer-life changed to the better since I use a virtual machine. Especially with KVM, I can use all 8 logical processors on my physical machine on my virtual machine. I do not see that compiling in a KVM virtual machine is slower, have you any measurements for this? I would not provide vms for download because they would be so huge. Rather create a web server for anonymous use. --Tstaerk 17:24, 5 September 2010 (UTC)

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