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It can be more gender neutral. The word he is used 6 times and him 3 times. But maybe there are no female developers.

- Wow. How could someone have overlooked this horrible atrocity. We should punish whoever it was who did not think in terms of Political Correctness (PC). Good thing we have you to point these things out...This person is clearly sexist.


I can't believe you *actually* spent time on creating this discussion page...

It's a developers wiki, all that matters is that the point gets across. The fact that english-speakers use "he" and "oh boy" is not that of sexism but that of culture. I bet you are one of the advocates for "maleperson" vs. "mailman". While we're at it, lets change "malicious" to "falicious" or "femlicious", because clearly it and the english language *evidently* contain too much manhood. I'm glad that we have the word "femur" on our side.

What's the point? It does not matter. It isn't stating that by some magical force, females are incapable of being developers therefore we focus on the male end of the group. And any female who is turned down by this should have their self-esteem evaluated and probed at. That said, any male who does the same, except for uses of "she" should seek the same end.

Screw political correctness.

(note that I am quite the opposite from sexist/prejudice...and I am not opposed to changing this. I just don't see the point. Pretty soon everyone will be fumbling over which words to use next, and God Forbid someone is offended by it (oh noes. did I say that 'g' word? Clearly I must be spreading my religion on others. Or anti-$god.)

Hey, here's an idea, lets change it to "he/she". WAIT A MINUTE! That implies that every person is either a he or a she. What about those that are ambiguous, or are both? Oh, another idea..lets tack on more language hacks which will Clearly Benefit Society. --Sreich 01:25, 1 October 2010 (UTC)

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