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If you have a KDE class or widget that you feel would be useful to other applications but which isn't in kdelibs, please add it to this page in alphabetical order. Please include the name of the class, a description (and a screenshot if you wish), where the source code can be found, the version of KDE required (if any), your name and the date of the entry.


Description A hack to KSystemTrayIcon to allow it to play QMovies. I unfortunately had to create this when the movie support in KDE3's KSystemTray was removed in KDE 4.
Location trunk/KDE/kdenetwork/kopete/kanimatedsystemtrayicon.*
Author Charles Connell (cconnell)
Date December 5, 2007


Description A widget that allows editing of spline based y=f(x) curves. Handy for cases where you want the user to control such things as tablet pressure response, color transformations, acceleration by time, aeroplane lift by angle of attack. Already used in krita, and originally (less generic code) in digiKam
Location trunk/koffice/krita/ui/kcurve.*
Author Casper Boemann (boemann) and Gilles (of digiKam fame)
Date April, 05, 2007
Screenshots Link


Description A date editing widget that consists of an editable combo box
Location trunk/KDE/kdepim/libkdepim/kdateedit.h
Author Cornelius Schumacher and Tobias Koenig
Date September, 15, 2007


Description A menu to select a date quickly
Location trunk/KDE/kdepim/libkdepim/kdatepickerpopup.h
Author Bram Schoenmakers
Date September, 15, 2007


Description Writes out the definition of a mimetype in a XDG shared-mime-info compliant way. Used by nspluginscan too. Not sure if anyone else needs this.
Location trunk/KDE/kdebase/apps/konqueror/settings/filetypes/mimetypewriter.*
Author David Faure
Date January, 29, 2008


Description A Combobox-like widget that combines numerical input with a popup slider. It uses QStyle to draw itself so it's themed right out of the box.
Location trunk/koffice/libs/kofficeui/KoSliderCombo.*
Author Casper Boemann (boemann)
Date April, 06, 2007
Screenshots Link


Description A class that provides an easy, user friendly way to edit times.
Location trunk/KDE/kdepim/libkdepim/ktimeedit.h
Author Preston Brown and Ian Dawes
Date September, 15, 2007


Description A class that takes a QListView and adds a contextmenu to its header. With this contextmenu you can show and hide the columns.


  • specify which columns can be shown/hidden

Style of the contextmenu:

  • Show checkboxes before column names
  • Show checkboxes before column names only if the checkbox is checked
  • Do not show checkboxes. Display the text "Hide"/"Show" before the column names
Location trunk/KDE/kdepim/ktimetracker/treeviewheadercontextmenu.*
Author Mathias Soeken (msoeken)
Date April, 18, 2007


Description Provides a dialog with a timeout.

The dialog is available only for a specified amount of time and reports the time remaining to the user. Timer is capable of counting up or down.

Location trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/randr/ktimerdialog.*
Author Hamish Rodda
Date October, 5, 2007

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