KDE for Windows Installer Expert Review

Expert review of the KDE for Windows installation process.

Report Date January 2008
Usability Engineer Celeste Lyn Paul
Software Version KDE for Windows Installer0.8.5
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Usability Reviews for KMyMoney

Multiple usability reviews and design recommendations for KMyMoney

Report Date March to August 2008
Usability Engineer Pallavi Damera
Software Version Unknown
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Modified-Delphi Interviews to Discover Plasma User Types

A set of modified-delphi interviews were conducted on key Plasma developers to discover and document primary user groups of the KDE Desktop and Plasma Widgets.

Report Date April 2008
Usability Engineer Celeste Lyn Paul
Software Version KDE 4.0
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Guidelines and Design Patterns for KDE4

Human Interface Guidelines (later referred to as Guidelines) are documented guidelines based on usability standards for people developing or designing user interfaces for applications within a certain environment. The guideline goals are to enhance consistency among applications and to make knowledge from the user experience field easily accessible to developers. Half of our project involved picking up from where the KDE4 community left off on a collection of Human Interface Guidelines by adding to them and revising what existed. For the other half of the project, we collaborated on several Interaction Design Patterns (later referred to as Patterns) for KDE4. Patterns offer solutions to recurring design problems by examining both successful and problematic examples in various applications.

Report Date October 2008
Usability Engineers Becca Scollan, Thomas Pfeiffer, Celeste Lyn Paul, and Ellen Reitmayr
Software Version KDE 4.1
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Toolbox and Palette Interaction for KOffice

The goal of this project was to improve the toolbox and palette interaction for KOffice, the office suite of the K Desktop Environment. We identified the major interaction problems and created first paper mockups for an improved tool interaction in KOffice.

Report Date October 2008
Usability Engineers Neha Pawa, Celeste Lyn Paul, Ellen Reitmayr
Software Version KOffice 2
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Quassel Usability Review

A usability review was conducted on Quassel, a Qt-based IRC client for multiple platforms. Recommendations were made for how Quassel can improve it's usability for a larger audience and integrate better in to the KDE environment.

Report Date December 2008
Usability Engineers Celeste Lyn Paul
Software Version Quassel 0.3.1
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