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KDE4 Vision

KDE4, the next major version of the K Desktop Environment, will make a great leap forward and make Linux an excellent OS choice for the more sophisticated 50% of computer users out there, compared to the current 5%: the determined and the devoted.

KDE4 will deliver a desktop environment (including core applications) so purely task-oriented and delivering such a seamlessly flowing user experience that it makes the users of the current monopolist OS "want to have it".

KDE4 will not alienate the KDE3 user base, though inevitably some will be upset by changes for the better. Anything that makes linux interesting for technical users (shells, compilation, drivers, minute user settings) will be available; not as the default way of doing things, but at the user's discretion.

In short:

  • KDE stands out for technical excellence, reliability and stability.
  • KDE delivers a seamlessly flowing and consistent use experience and supports users' workflows.
  • KDE is powerful, yet simple and clear.
  • KDE has a breathtakingly beautiful look and feel.
  • KDE fully supports accessibility.

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