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Telepathy->Nepomuk Integration Plans

This section contains a dump of some of the things discussed amongst grundleborg (KDE+Telepathy) trueg (KDE+Nepomuk), barisione (Gnome+Telepathy), davyd (Gnome+Telepathy) and others on the issue of integration between Nepomuk and Telepathy.

Cross Desktop Compatability

We want to make the Nepomuk integration be the same as much as possible across Gnome and KDE. Things we'd like to have in common. - Ontologies for storing the Telepathy specific metadata - Implementation of a daemon to keep this metadata in sync


barisione (in #telepathy) is working on writing these, at which point they'll be shown to Nepomuk people for review.

Photos of the whiteboard showing a proposed diagram of the ontologies to follow as soon as I get hold of them :)


The daemon will be responsible for keeping the nepomuk metadata in sync with Telepathy. Since tracker and soprano-server will eventually use the same (xesam2) dbus API, we should be able to write a QtCore/QtDBus only daemon which will use Soprano as the API to keep stuff in sync. This single implementation should then be usable by both KDE and Gnome, reducing code duplication.

grundleborg (in #kde-telepathy) is working on this.

This means the telepathy-integration-daemon will either be deprecated or have its role changed to only be responsible for the Akonadi Telepathy contact resource management.

Do we still need Akonadi integration?

This question is as yet unanswered. What does it give us that direct nepomuk integration doesn't give?

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