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Tutorials Wanted/Needed

Ordered based on priority.


  • Techniques and available software
  • Privacy concerns
  • Regulatory compliance
  • For network-oriented applications (see further down the task list)
  • Important points of note for each OS (Linux, Solaris, Windows, Mac OS, etc)

Further Information

The "Further Information" section replaces "Recommended Books" under the Development section. It should include:

  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Places to put your code
  • irc channels
  • Newsgroups
  • Forums
  • Events
  • Could also house sections designated to vertical markets such as medical, education, government, etc.
  • Applicable courses and certifications
  • Audio and Video casts

Web Development

With khtml, webkit, firefox, opera, ie6 via wine - and now the ie7 rendering engine via wine - KDE is a premier web testing environment. It is beneficial to cover such topics on the site, along with tools used to develop sites (Quanta, KImageMapEditor, KLinkStatus, etc), setting up such testing environments, etc.

Rapid Application Development

  • Ruby/Python/Perl/etc
  • Need to get communities on board and contributing.


  • Learning the languages
  • Tutorials using KDevelop; such as a tutorial in Getting Started
  • kde edu people have done some tutorials in this area, contact and bring those tutorials here.
  • Contact KDevelop developers to get their involvement on the wiki in this regard.

Networked Services

  • Web/Internet services
  • How ISV's can make use of such things as ghns, kdepim/kode...

KOffice as a Software Design Platform

  • For collaboration and communication
  • Get KOffice team on the wiki

Portable Devices

  • Working with them and KDE
  • Creating a KDE app that makes use of OpenSync
  • Links to Qtopia with info on interoperability
  • ie: Konqueror Embedded

Error Reporting Functionality

An ISV's ability to use a bug management system in place, by taking the app and setting up their own server as well, so that there is a reporting system in place already.  They could automate bug information like if desired, like grabbing logs, etc.

Design Patterns

  • KDE specific elements should come first. Low on the priority list.

Further Discussion Required

SysAdmin Tools

  • Held off for further discussion. May or may not belong, as this site will not be, but

Developer Forums

  • Forum admins should be subscribed to the MLs
  • Forum is more for application developers than core developers
  • Forum could have a gateway to the MLs, or the Admins and Moderators would act as the communications link when the need arises.
  • Could be a subforum of a greater official KDE forum
  • May have manpower issues.


Business Communications Flow

Developing software for the flow of enterprise communications has become an extremely wide are of software development as of late. Nepomuk/Akonadi may be part of this.

  • Sidelined until Akonadi can be further developed.

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