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    Google has announced the 2008 edition of the Summer of Code program. KDE will once again participate in this wonderful initiative. We hope that more students will be introduced to the revolutionary world of Open Source development through this program.

    Why KDE?

    KDE is one of the largest Open Source Projects in existence, if not the largest in some criteria. In the more than 11 years of its existence, KDE has continuously produced world-class applications for the free desktop. With KDE 4, by embracing Open Standards, we're also bringing you the freedom of content, allowing you to have control over your data and not worry about being locked to a particular vendor. Thus, KDE is also reaching out to other platforms.

    KDE can also be considered a "meta-project:" it's a collection of many sub-projects, each one with different but similar identities. Strong sub-projects include KOffice, Amarok, Kopete and Plasma. KDE is also willing to accept Summer of Code projects that are not in KDE code directly, but which benefit the entire ecosystem as a whole.

    KDE has been a steadfast supporter of Summer of Code. We have mentored a total of 88 projects in the past three editions of Summer of Code, and in 2007 we were the largest organisation present.

    How to participate?

    Closed, thanks! List of accepted mentoring organizations published at

    If you want to participate, please read the following:

    You may also want to take a look at the following page: