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Improve OpenDocument compatibility in KWord

The office application for a Linux desktop has been OpenOffice for more than 4 years. During this time, a lot of files were generated in the OpenOffice specific format. With OpenOffice 2, OpenDocument started being used. This standard is allowing an old dream to become real : be independent from your office application, use what you want to use, be free. Currently, OpenDocument support in KOffice is quite good, but far from perfect. There may be missing features in KWord / KSpread, or just errors in OpenDocumment support breaking a feature or adding differences, breaking compatibility... The aim of this project, for me, is to be able to switch to KOffice for most of my work. It means that all the OpenDocument files I can find on my hard drive must be compatible with KOffice...


Developing happens in trunk at:

  • The KoText library which does actualy contain the KoOpenDocumentLoader and styles.
  • The KOffice Text Shape which does display the content of the loaded document.
  • and KWord itself :)


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