If you need support on how to use Snorenotify you can reach out to the developers using the mailing list or IRC joining #Snorenotify on freenode or using the Web chat .

The current API documentation can be found here.

Source Code

Projects using Snorenotify


Secondary Backends

  • Windows Phone - Toasty
  • Android - Notify my Android
  • Android and IOS - Pushover
  • Playback of sound filles


Windows Toast Notifications

Windows 10


Integrated notifications backend





Basically all backends when used locally (some support forwarding) should be relatively safe.

  • Snore is build in and no information is passed to outside applications.
  • Windows Toast, SnoreToast is a command line application and the information is passed as arguments.
  • Freedesktop, local inter process communication (dbus) is used.
  • Snarl, local inter process communication is used.
  • Growl, local network communication, MD5 encryption is supported.

Secondary Backends

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