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Prospective Upcoming Conferences

Gran Canaria

July 3-11 2009

See Akademy 2009

FrOSCon(Free and Open Source Software Conference)

Place: Fachhochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Sankt Augustin, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

  1. Date: 22 - 23 August 2009
  2. Languages: German and English
  3. URLS:
  4. Deadlines: Call for papers: 23 May 2009
  5. KDE Booth:
  6. KDE Devroom:
  7. KDE Speakers List:
  8. Event Contact: Inga Herber <[email protected]>
  9. KDE Contact for Meeting:
  10. Ready to go/ needs volunteers
  11. Meeting report:

OpenExpo Winterthur

September 23 - 24 2009

Booth registered on Jun 19th, still waiting for confirmation...

I just registered an Amarok booth for that event too, specifying to put it with KDE so we could get more space (2 tables instead of one!)

Please, fill in your name, attendance, which specific booth (KDE and/or Amarok) and if you need accomodation (A), so I can get things planned.

Name EMail Booth 22rd 23th 24th Comments
Myriam Schweingruber [email protected] KDE/Kubuntu A A + + option 2 confirmed
Mark Kretschmann [email protected] Amarok A A + + option 2 confirmed
Sven Krohlas [email protected] Amarok A A + + option 3 confirmed
Eckhart Wörner [email protected] KDE A A + + option 3 confirmed
Andi Fischer [email protected] KDE +
Adriaan de Groot [email protected] KDE / FSFE + +
Pascal Mages [email protected] KDE/FreeBeer + +

There are at least three hotels in the vicinity, with various room prices. Please check the place where you would like to stay and put it in the comments.

* Option 1:

Is right around the corner, very quiet, no traffic nearby, rooms start at 76 € single, 95 € double and they have a 4-bed room for 155 €

* Option 2:,

The name says it all, approx 65 €

* Option 3: "Pfadilager organized by Carlos Diener, sFr. 20.-/day with breakfast, simple dormitory, sleeping bags needed.

UPDATE: I have reserved two double rooms for now with the organizers, with copy to the participants.

UPDATE2: Since this didn't work with the organizers, I reserved at the "Pfadilager" for Eckhart and Sven, + 1 room at the Ibis for Mark and me, option 1 being sold out since.

Past Conferences

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  5. URLs
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  6. Deadlines
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