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    Plasma-Mobile aims to bring Plasma technology to the world of mobile phones / smartphones. The idea is to be the "glue" between the KDE technologies that will be on the phone as well as integrate with the platform services.

    The motivation of this project is that the smartphone market grew 50% on the first quarter of 2010 and KDE should be prepared to run on these devices. As PCs became popular one day, the same will happen with this kind of devices and in order to provide a great user experience between different devices we need this kind of project (desktop -> netbook -> phone).


    Device is:

    • A smartphone or "mobile computer";
    • Qt running on this device;
    • Has hardware with high level of support for OpenGL ES 2


    • QML as "layout manager" for containments;
    • QML to define the animations;
    • QML to create most of the UI (including plasmoids)


    • Proper KWin support (hildon-desktop makes it too slow).

    Ideas about activities

    The device should change the default activity based on it's location using for example the GPS data, phone network based location or wifi.

    Activities consists of a containment with plasmoids related to the given context (where context means "work", "home", "social", etc...) and also a sorted grid for launching applications.

    The idea is that in order to launch applications, the user "flips" the current containment and on it's back he will be able to find the menu of applications with the ones related to the current context appearing first than the other applications.

    Activities are the main show case of this project. With the power of activities we'll be able to deliver a great user experience, easing the use of the phone - making it faster to perform tasks that today requires more interactions and are not so intuitive. An activity is a well known concept in the "real world" and this will help the user to interact with the phone.

    The panel

    There should be a panel with shortcuts to manually change the current activity. The panel will be hiden most of the time, with a small UI hint to show it again. This hint should be bigger enough to be noticed but small enough to integrate with the UI and to not "pollute the UI.

    Status Area

    The status area is the place to report the status of network signal, wifi signal, battery status and others.


    There is a GSoC going on about this.

    Remote Widgets

    Very important for "throwing" stuff from your desktop to your mobile phone: notes, weather info, contacts, etc...