In alphabetical order, these are Plasma contributors that expect to be at Akademy 2010:

  • Aaron Seigo
  • Alessandro Diaferia (from 2 to 9)
  • Alexis Menard (darktears)
  • Artur (MoRpHeUz)
  • Bruno de Oliveira Abinader (from 1 to 8)
  • Chani Armitage
  • Davide Bettio (from 2 to 9)
  • Ivan Cukic
  • John Layt
  • Marco Martin (from 2 to 9)
  • Ryan Rix
  • Sebastian Kugler
  • Shantanu Tushar ( From 4th July to 10th July )

Topics For Discussion

We'll be meeting sunday after the closing ceremony to talk about what we're up to this week, and when we can talk about these things :)

  • Javascript
    • QML/KDE integration (useful for other apps as well, aka avoid duplication of work)
    • API fitness for Plasmoids
    • DataEngines and Runners
  • Activities
    • What is still missing?
    • backend side
    • UI side
    • Netbook
  • Look and feel reloaded
    • login -> splash screen -> desktop
    • where should we tweak?
    • where should we leaf well enough alone?
    • how is our documentaton?
  • The Other Shells(tm)
    • Mobile
  • The next step
    • Media Center
  • GSoC branch integration
  • Clock/Calendar redesign

Plasma Frenzy II: The Sequel

It's been 2 years since the first Plasma Frenzy lightening talks at Akademy 2008. Let's make this sequel sizzle!

Slot Topic Presenter
0 Introduction Aaron Seigo
4 Activities Chani
5 KParts and plasma ... Everywhere! Ryan Rix
6 Javascript .. Everywhere! Aaron Seigo
7 Related to Javascript: the state of QML in Plasma Marco Martin
8 KDE PIM Mobile Artur

Plasma Feedback Round Table

Friday 10:30, area 3

This is a session for us to sit around a room with other interested / concerned KDE folk. We will ask and answer the questions those attending have to the best of our abilities (and record those we don't have answers to for further research), and discuss ideas amongst all of those attending regarding Plasma now and in the future.

The goal is extend the reach of Plasma further across KDE and for KDE contributors to have more input into what we are doing, all in a constructive and open atmosphere. Each attendee should be able to walk away with a better understanding of Plasma, and for the Plasma team to walk away with a better understanding of what KDE wants / expects / hopes / needs from Plasma in the future.

If you would like to attend, add your name (in alphabetical order) to the list below, and note your KDE affiliation if desired. If there is a shortage of room (hopefully not!), those on the list will get preferential admission to the round table.

  • Aaron Seigo (Plasma)
  • Aleix Pol (KDevelop & others)
  • Ivan Cukic (Plasma)
  • Jeremy Whiting (non-plasma I think?)
  • John Layt (plumber)
  • Martin Gräßlin (kwin)
  • Ryan Rix (Plasma/KDEPIM/Somewhere)
  • Shantanu Tushar (Plasma)
  • Chani (plasma)

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