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We Need A Name For The Wiki!

In the past we have used as a place to house and maintain technical information related to KDE. This wiki is the result of several people in the KDE community looking at our experience with and creating something that builds on that and provides an improved experience.

Now we need a new name to release, announce and promote this site. This name will be used both in the domain name as well as a proper noun to refer to this wiki on websites and in promotional materials. The question is: what should the name be?

We're asking for everyone who would like to participate in this discussion to do so here over the coming weeks. Let's work together to find a great name for what is one of our crown jewels. We'll be committed to this name for many, many years so this is an important matter.

Scope and Goals For The Name

The scope of this wiki includes:

  • information on KDE schedules and releases
  • the KDE project's internal development policies
  • how to set up and use a KDE development environment
  • tutorials on how to develop with (and on) KDE and related technologies using C++, Python, Ruby, Java, etc.
  • architectural design documents
  • links and cross-references to important bodies of information such as:
    • API documentation
    • guides for ISVs and system integrators
    • recommended reading (books, blogs, etc)
Right now we also provide "scratch-pad" wiki space for projects that don't have their own wikis while we sort out the logistics of mass-hosting individual wikis on the same server. This is not, however, a long-term goal for the developer wiki.

The audience has also been both expanded and better defined as the wiki itself has been slowly fleshing out. The intended audience includes:

  • KDE project members
  • open source developers
  • ISVs
  • system integrators
  • operating system vendors (OSVs)
  • system administrators

In other words, people who make things with KDE and therefore need access to technical information on KDE.

Not all of this information or these audiences may be addressed immediately, but it is our intention to bring as much of our web-based technical information around one place (this wiki) over time so that the information is easily findable, easily maintained by the community and as consistent as possible.

Start Your Engines!

Please add your thoughts and suggestions to the discussion page by clicking on the Discussion tab at the top of this page. Include suggestions for names, comment on other's suggestions, discuss the content on this page, etc...

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