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When? Where?

  • Tuesday, July 6th, 16:00-18:00
  • Akademy 2010, Demola, Area 4


In alphabetical order, these are the people expected to attend the KDE Platform Mobile BoF at Akademy 2010:

  • Kevin Ottens
  • Boudewijn Rempt
  • Artur Souza


Definition: KDE Platform == kdesupport + kdelibs + kdebase-runtime

KDE as a guest not as the workspace

  • Interacting with "foreign" components
    • Tracker
    • MeeGo Touch framework
    • Notification service
    • harvesting PIM data from the device
    • solid with whatever there
    • pulseaudio
    • geoclue
    • (Harmattan) kdeinit like trick
    • kwallet
    • (platform security / DRM)
  • Not enforcing our settings
    • Style (already fixed? check it!)
    • Proxy/SSL/Network settings (let's Qt do it when possible)

Constraining the platform

  • profiling, priorities: startup time, battery time <= easy!, memory profiling <= hard!
    • timechart to log activity (Helio)
    • for the rest ask Lubos ;)
  • network bandwidth (Kevin for IMAP)
    • usual tools (wireshark, tcpdump...)
  • ksycoca (David, packaging side: Dirk, Sune)
    • Rejected solution (at least for now)
      • libkok, hackish, shipping premade cache in the package
      • rely on Qt? for a "system cache"
    • Preferred solution
      • running kbuildsycoca on install using package facilities, automatic behavior can be disabled (means kbuildsycoca enters with kdecore)
      • remove user settings from sycoca?
      • split the sycoca base? (mimetypes definitely)
    • kbuildsycoca4 got profiled, some hashing function misbehaving? Thiago to the rescue
  • total disk size (whole list of .so to run)
    • remove anything marked deprecated
    • icons, do we need to ship them? probably not!
    • packagers should split
    • spare the plugins for cryptic formats (packaging again)
    • translations bringing only the right ones (package management service)
  • shared libs deps within the platform (Kevin)
    • hard cuts for integration features (transitional)
    • "soft linking"
    • profiles would be the list of what is built/install ("tested combinations", shouldn't overlap)
  • runtime time deps within the platform (plugins, dbus services)
    • creating the data, have the list of runtime bits, which ones do we need?
    • profiles should include runtime
    • most cases are easy: associate a lib with its runtime
    • runtime needed only for scripts: goes in an extras profile
  • GUI contained in the platform (David, Kevin)
    • refactoring
    • changed at runtime (QUiTools? platform plugin for KIO?)
    • creating the data, we very likely have more than KIO


  • Dealing with outdated, pushing newer versions of deps
    • Influencing before release: take latest, greatest
    • Need overview on their release process
    • Not depend on the features of newest versions, longer support for older Qt versions for instance
  • Splitting the packages (see with volker current state for kontact mobile)
    • kontact mobile: kdelibs 1 lib == 1 package, kdebase-runtime around 20 packages, kdepimlibs 1 lib == 1 package, etc.
    • Communicate about the profiles, reunite packaging efforts based on that

Target platforms

  • MeeGo
  • WinCE 6.5
  • Anything running on high-end phones and bigger


Other issues that people thought about after the meeting, but wasn't actually discussed there.

KDE as a guest

  • Kill kded, knotify and kdeinit after last kde app exiting. This existed with dcop back in kde3 days.

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