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    The following KDE 4 applications are known to use the KNewStuff2 library. If an application is not listed here, other indicators are the appearence of GHNS repositories for their accepted data types.

    KDE Education

    • KAnagram (vocabulary)
    • Kalzium (molecules)
    • KHangman (vocabulary)
    • KLettres (languages)
    • Parley (vocabulary) and themes)
    • KStars (astronomy data)
    • KWordQuiz (vocabulary)
    • Marble (maps)
    • Step (physics scenes examples)

    KDE Games

    Games mostly use KNS2 through the KGameThemeSelector in the preferences dialogue as indicated with KGTS.

    • KBreakout (themes via KGTS)
    • KBlocks (themes via KGTS)
    • KDiamond (themes via KGTS)
    • KSirK (themes)
    • Playground/Games:
      • Palapeli (puzzles)


    • KOrganizer (calendars)


    • KSplash (themes via System Settings)
    • KDM (themes and backgrounds, via System Settings)
    • Desktop (colour schemes, via System Settings)
    • Plasma (wallpapers and themes, and scripted applets)
    • KSysGuard (worksheets)
    • Plasma Addons:
      • Comic Applet (comics)


    • Icons (via System Settings)
    • Emoticons (via System Settings)


    • Extragear
      • Amarok (scripts and plasmoids)


    • SuperKaramba (widgets)


    • Kate (file templates)

    Web Development

    • KLinkStatus (stylesheets)

    Outside of KDE SVN

    • GGZ Gaming Zone KDE Games Collection

    Old KDE 3 applications and former KNS2 applications

    • Kexi (templates, needs porting to KDE 4)
    • Okular (books and tools)
    • Quanta+ (???)


    • kdegames/kbounce for themes? (repo exists)
    • kdegames/mines for themes?
    • kdegames/kgoldrunner for themes and levels? (repo exists)
    • kdegames/kpat? (repo exists)
    • playground-games/kombination for dictionaries?
    • playground-games/ktron for themes?
    • playground-games/kigo for ... what? It has a *.knsrc file in SVN.
    • kdenetwork/kopete for ... what?