About KGLEngine2D

KGLEngine2D is a 2D engine for KDE, especially designed for games creation (it should become a part of KDEGames in the future)


General informations

Ideas, Todos, etc

  • Some stuff in the svn really doesn't belong in a lib and should be moved somewhere. This includes all the examples(some may become games of their own, but simple examples may still be needed, and all of them aren't games) and the KGLIntro class.
  • KGLEngine currently uses a lot of inlines functions, this makes keeping binary compatibility harder(see Policies/Library_Code_Policy#Inline_Code), we should run tests to see if having these functions not inlined really impact performances to know what we don't need to inline.
  • KGLEngine should use d-pointers
  • Idea from it-s(Eugene Trounev): use KGLEngine to make KDE screensavers. Is this possible/relevant?
  • KGLEngine Plasmoids --> possible/relevant?
  • KGameKey should probably be moved in KDEGames lib
  • Should GLPoint be renamed into KGLPoint?
  • Should KGLItemBase be renamed into KGLBaseItem or KGLAbstractItem? Is this class relevent at all?
  • Engines subclasses should be notified when one of their items is removed (is overloading removeItem/eraseItem a good idea?)
  • QPixmap vs QImage

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