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The location to list all the annoying Oracle Studio 12.2 bugs which cause issues for the KDE4 project, ie Wall of Shame bugs

Register with Sun Developer Network (weird that hasn't changed) and vote for these bugs. Maybe we don't have a Studio 12.2 support contract but we can get attention to these bugs with some good old fashion social networking, and getting folks to vote for these bugs.

There are several Studio 12.2/Boost bugs, but those are "important" to Oracle per the posting on the Opensolaris KDE forum, so

1) Bug 6969494 - Regression of SS12.1 behavior. Basically, SS12.2 tries to interpret -W<flags> which qt-4.6.3 uses -Winline alot. Location where it was discussed in the bug report on the Sun Forums appears to have been lost. Local fix is to use in the spec/tools directory to remove -Winline from the mix, but this really requires you to substitute /opt/solstudio12.2/bin/CC with a script that calls and then executes /opt/solstudio12.2/prod/bin/CC with the corrected parameter list. Dodgy, but at least can be worked around, unlike....

2) Bug 7019156 - Failure to compile eigen2 library due to Studio12.2 Template bugs. First reported at the Oracle Studio C++ forum.

3) Bug 6959187 - CC -YP no longer prepends value to the default path. SS12.1 CC would prepend the value following -YP to the lookup path. The conversion to SS12.2 missed the fact that CC has -P documented to do this behavior, as opposed to the cc version which just replaced the existing path.

Boost related Studio 12.2 Bugs

4) Bug 6955755 - boost/proto/deep_copy Error:Cannot use const ... No other comments besides the compiler fail.

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