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TODO list of KAppTemplate

General information

This is the TODO page of the KAppTemplate application. KAppTemplate was ported to the KDE framework 5 and the future development will be pushed to the framework branch (Stable versions are in the master branch). There are several issues that need to be fixed.

At the moment

  • Move the functionality into a shared library that can be used from KAppTemplate and KDevelop (to remove duplicated code). For this we have to move the code into a src directory and write a "find-package" file
  • Move all templates into the templates directory and use the programming language as directory prefix. Also update the kapptemplate_add_app_templates macro in a way that we don't have to install every template preview image by hand (A add_kapptemplate_template command for every template)
  • Check if we have to move the to the application directory or if there is a recursive way to solve that problem
  • Update all templates. Delete outdated/deprecated examples if needed
  • Update the help handbook (Maybe Valorie can give some input ?)
  • Add a possibility to open the project directory after the project creation. Check if KDevelop is installed and provide a "Open with KDevelop" option
  • Add support for VCS systems (Is there a framework for this ?)
  • Fix the icon installation of the KF5 examples
  • Future: Also add file template support (Rename to KTemplates ?)


  • Install the application icon in the right directory
  • Port away from KDELibs4Support
  • Tidy the code (Space/Tabs etc.)
  • Fix the "Help" button, so the help handbook can be called. Take care of request 120595

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