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Adding Themes to Pairs Tutorial

Pairs is an educational program that stimulates your memory and logic skill. It aims to help the development of preschool kids. -

In the game, you have to match up 2 of the same cards, from a deck, and the fact you can install many different theme, makes the game aesthetically pleasing, and fun to play. Adding a new theme to 'Pairs' is simple, to learn how, follow these instructions:

1. Open up a Game of Pairs. This can be done by either double clicking the Pairs executable file (if installed locally), or if the program has been installed onto the system it can be done by typing 'pairs' into a Konsole. Once the game is open, you should be greeted by a window that looks like this:

2. Adding a New Theme. As you can see on the picture above, there are three options in the top left side of the window. These are:

a) 'Quit'

       This quits the game.

b) 'Get Themes'

       This is used to install themes from the 'add-on installer'.

c) 'Info'

      This gives us information about the game version, and the people who created it.

We are interested in option B, because this is what we are going to use to download and install a new theme. So, click on the 'Get Theme' button to open up a new window:

As you can see, there are alot of different themes to install. You can learn more about each theme, by clicking the 'details' button, to the right of the theme, and you can install the theme by clicking the 'Install', which is also located to the right side of the window. For this example, I am going to install the 'Flags' theme. Once installed, you can close the 'add-on installer' window, and your new theme should appear next to the 'Players Section'.

3. Playing with the New Theme. To play with your new theme, simply set up a new game like you normally would, and select your the theme you want to play with. If you dont know how to set up a new game, you can follow these instructions:

1.Set the Amount of Players you want to Play with. Do this by using the section at the bottom left of the screen, you can also change your icon and player name there. You can remove players by clicking on the player you want to remove, and then the big red cross at the top left of the player avatar.

2. Select the Gamemode. Do this using the middle top section, some of the options there should be Pairs, Relations or Logic.

3. Select Theme. Do this by using the section underneath the gamemode section, once selected the game should start.

I hope this helped, and have fun playing with your new theme. For further information on pairs, follow the link:

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