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    The old-style language bar should no longer be used, as it leads to old-style translated pages that cannot be maintained within the translation system. Instead, Translators should see, on the English page, a "Translate this page" link above the language bar. That will take you to the necessary selections.

    Purpose of this Section

    Old-style language bars are numerous on TechBase. The intention of this section is to discover the status of translations for various pages. You are requested to locate the language bars in which you have an interest, make decisions about status, documenting it on these pages:

    • Pages for Translation These should be English pages that are known to be maintained and up to date.
    • Pages for Deletion This is spit into two sections, Archive and Delete. This is also the page for any further information that will help us make decisions.
    Pages will be deleted only if they are listed here. Archiving clears them from the main wiki, tidying up, but keeps them available when required.

    Index of Old Links

    These links have been put into approximate groups to make it easier to find the areas of interest to you.

    OldLinks 1 Welcome, Help, Contribute, Migrate Content, Research, ISV, Getting Started

    OldLinks 2 System Administration, Development - FAQs, Languages, Architecture

    OldLinks 3 Development Tutorials

    OldLinks 4 Development Tutorials

    OldLinks 5 Projects

    OldLinks 6 Misc