This page lists some reasons to use Marble at school lessons.

Different map themes

Marble could be used at the Geography, History and Astronomy lessons, because it supports many map themes, including classic Atlas view, Satellite, Political, Temperature, Historical Map and Precipitation views. Also you can download other maps (for example - climate zones of the Earth) from the Internet.

Marble Hist Theme.png

Interactive Tours

How to make Geography or History one of children's favorite lesson? Marble and it's interactive tours can help you. Many information about the most beautiful and popular places and events are available for the everybody. Also you can create your own tours and share it with the community.

Marble Tour.png

Distance Measurement

How many kilometers between New York and Chicago? Marble's Measurement plugin can help you with this question. And it can show you area and perimeter of any polygon.

Marble Measurement Plugin.png


Do you know, how many satellites fly in our atmosphere for now? Marble can show you all of them. It should be very entertaining for everybody who want to learn more about space.

Marble Satellites.png

Information for almost all localities

Just click the name of a locality and you will see short description and brief characteristics such as population, elevation, latitude, latitude and timezone. What's also needed for a cognitive lesson?

Marble Info About City.png

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