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    On January 27, a year after the release of the very first version of KDE software suite of the fourth generation, here comes KDE 4.2 "The Answer". This is a significant release since it marks the time when KDE has matured enough to be appropriate for use by normal users and in production environments.

    To celebrate the important event in KDE's history with our fans all around the world we would like to invite you to join us at one of the parties, or throw your very own party. This is a great opportunity to meet with other users of KDE and contributors who bring you this amazing collection of free software. Let's show people how cool KDE software and community are!

    If you are organizing a party it's all up to you to make it just the way you like it. There could be presentations, workshops, maybe some translation marathons, a hacking contest, just some socializing fun with a drink or two. It can be short and sweet or long. You decide. Also, don't be afraid to invite some local press to the event to get the word about KDE out there.

    If you decided to throw a party, do add it to the list of party locations below. Please keep the list ordered by alphabet.

    See you all on the party!

    KDE 4.2 Release Parties

    Please add your parties by continent first, then in alphabetical order


    South Africa

    Cape Town
    When: January 30, 18:00
    Where: Starlight diner in Rondebosch (the corner of Rondebosch main road and Bellemont drive)
    Contact: A.J. Venter
    More info: A.J. Venter will sponsor the first round of beers (for toasting) at 18:30



    Event: Collaboration of Indonesian openSUSE Community (openSUSE-Id); Bandung Region, and Tobucil & Klubs. openSUSE-Id gathers for their Bandung openSUSE 11.1 Release Party and celebrates this KDE 4.2 release with local community in Bandung.
    When: Sunday, February 1, 15:30
    Where: Tobucil, Aceh 56, Bandung 40113.
    Contact: Andi Sugandi




    When: Tuesday, January 27, 19:00
    Where: Metalab
    Contact: red667


    When: Wednesday, January 28, 19:00
    Where: CBS, Howitzvej 60, 2000 Frederiksberg map
    Contact: martin (at) sslug dot dk


    When: Tuesday, January 27, 19:00
    Where: Mauruse Pubi, Estonia pst 8, map
    Contact: laur (at) estobuntu dot org GSM 58116469
    Estonia, Tartu
    When: Thursday, January 29, 19:00
    Where: Cafe Shakespeare, Vanemuise 6, website
    Contact: laur (at) estobuntu dot org GSM 58116469


    When: Tuesday, January 28, 19:00
    Where: KDAB office Berlin, Adalbertstr. 7/8, 10999 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
    Contact: Frank Osterfeld
    When: Friday, January 30, 19:00
    Where: Brotfabrik/KP21, Bachmannstr. 2-4, 60488 Frankfurt am Main
    Contact: Claudia Rauch

    Drop me a mail if you want to come :)

    Event: Together with the Free Software Foundation Europe. The FSFE gathers for their Southern German Fellowship meeting and celebrates the release with us.
    When: Friday, January 30, 18:00
    Where: Unithekle (near S-Bahn Universität) how to get there
    Contact: Frederik Gladhorn


    Organized by the KDE Italia team and the Openmind with the openSUSE support.
    When: Saturday, February 7, 09:00-14:00
    Where: Villa Vannucchi, San Giorgio a Cremano, Naples, Italy. The event is going to be in a mansion house of the 1700.
    Contact: Giovanni Venturi and KDE Italia team: send us an email if you want to be here.
    More info: here


    When: Sunday, februari 1, 14:00
    Where: De Commanderie, Franseplaats 1, Nijmegen
    Contact: KDE nl mailinglist
    More info: many dutch KDE contributors will be there!


    When: Friday, January 30, 20:00
    Where: Bugges, eftf, Leirfallsgate 6
    Contact: Jesper Thomschütz
    More info: Meet real live trolls from Qt Software!


    Four presentations (about KDE 4.2, Plasma, Amarok 2 and, D-Bus), three workshops (creating a Plasma theme, creating a Plasma widget, and helping with translation), and after that some free socialising with some snacks and drinks. For workshops you need to register. See more info link.
    When: Tuesday, January 27, 18:00
    Where: Kiberpipa, Kersnikova 6 - the map
    Contact: Jure Repinc
    More info: Zabava ob izidu KDE 4.2


    When: January 30, 22:00
    Where: Barcelona, Restaurant Sporting, Carrer Maspons 16
    Contact: Albert Astals Cid


    After an introduction by Georg Greve of the Free Software Foundation Europe there will be a talk by Aaron Seigo. Food and drinks afterwards.
    Event: KDE 4.2 Release Party
    Date: Wednesday, January 28th.
    Time: 17:30
    Where: Auditorium Maximum, main building ETH Zürich, Rämistrasse 101
    Important notice: still looking for a sponsor!
    Contact: Luca Gugelmann
    Note that the event is absolutely free. The "fee" of ~100$ which was announced here is NOT necessary. The event listed here is not formally related to the AGS conference, it just happens to be at the same location.

    For the AGS talk by Aaron Seigo "Democratic Software - the Implications of Open Source in Society" on Monday, January 26 see [1]. The edit introducing the fee was from a source unknown to the organizers.

    South America


    Buenos Aires
    When: Friday, January 30, 21:00
    Where: Jobs Bar
    Contact: juanman or #kde-ar in freenode irc chat


    When: Tuesday, January 27
    Where: Faculdade Area1FTE
    Contact: Cristiano Furtado or more information here
    São Paulo
    When: Wednesday, January 28, 20:00-22:00h
    Where: Feira Moderna Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1248, Vila Madalena
    Contact: Mauricio Piacentini (if possible, send an email so we can estimate the number of people)
    São Luis de Montes Belos
    when: , Janeiro 28, 20:00
    Where: Shop Dos Amigos - [2]
    Contact: Jhonatam(se nao estivere, encontrando o local me liguem que dou instruçoes 64 8422-3846)
    When: Tuesday, January 27, 19:00
    Where: Ligue Pizza - Mapa]
    Contact: Otavio Souza (if possible, send an email so we can estimate the number of people)


    When: Tuesday, January 27, 19:00
    Where: Pizza Valentis Los Robles
    Contact: fitoria
    More info: LinuxTour

    North America

    United States

    New York, NY
    When: Wednesday, January 28, 8pm EST
    Where: the Hungarian Pastry Shop on 1030 Amsterdam Avenue (between west 110th and 111th)
    Contact: web announcement or Samat Jain
    Washington DC
    When: Friday January 30, 19:00
    Where: Piratz Tavern, Silver Spring MD (map), Metro accessible, Parking available, Family friendly
    Contact: Celeste Lyn Paul

    KDE 4.2 Release Event on the Forum

    The KDE Forum team is proud to announce an event to celebrate the release of KDE 4.2 at the end of January.

    On this day we will open a Congratulation/Feedback thread in the KDE Releases Forum. There you can post what you like to say about this shiny new release.

    But that's not all. For this particular day this thread will be __open to any guest all over the world__, no registration is needed.

    Of course, to overcome possible abuse, every new post will be moderated.

    And to make this something special, we want to make our first real record: We believe that it should be possible to get as much as 2000 posts in one day

    So come onto the Forum and join the gratulations!