Read-write properties:

  • boolean active: true if active, false if not
  • boolean singleShot: true if the timer will fire once when started, false if it will fire repeatedly until stopped
  • boolean interval: the interval in milliseconds that the timer will trigger


  • start(int msec): starts the timer with msec as the interval
  • start(): starts the timer with the default interval
  • stop(): stops the timer


  • timeout(): this signal is emitted whenever the timer interval is reached

See the Timer QML Element at the Qt documentation web.


You can use the Timer at the QML file like this:

 1 import QtQuick 1.1
 2 import org.kde.plasma.components 0.1 as PComp
 3 import "../code/load_web.js" as LoadWeb
 5 Item { 
 7     ...
 9     Timer {
10         id: ensure_loaded_timer
11         interval: 10000
12         onTriggered: LoadWeb.update_list()
13         repeat: true
14         running: true
15     }
16 }

Then you can use the timer on your Javascript code using the timer's id.

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