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This short tutorial shows you how to create an accountwizard packages.

Such a package can be useful for your users. You can put it up a shared network drive, or on some internet. The user clicks on it. The assistant pops up, asks the name and the email address of the user and all the needed accounts or resources are created automatically. You can also ask additional information, like age, or whatever you like.

A step-by-step howto:

1) Think of a name and stick to it. Say for example, your company is called 'Galactica'. The name of the package could then be just that. But remember to use it everywhere: galactica.desktop ends up in a galactica subfolder and the package is called galactica.awp.

2) Create a folder called galactica and create the files. You can get an example of the files from, rename them all, you can skip the .gif, as that won't work for now.

3) The .ui file can be edited with qt's designer. In this dialog you can ask additional information. Don't ask fullname, password or emailaddress, that will be asked on the first page of the wizard.

4) The .js file holds the intelligence to create the resources based on the gathered information. There you can also access the information which is in the .ui file, if you added that. A clearer example for this is in the kolab wizard, you can see the files here:

Tip! Debugging the .js file is a real PITA unfortunately. Take baby steps, test a lot and don't get frustrated. If you do a lot of changes in one go, without testing, you will never know which change caused the error.

5) Adjust the .desktop file too.

6) go to the main folder, that should hold the galactica subfolder. Create the package with 'tar -cvf galactica.awp galactica'. Now your package is ready. Test it with accountwizzard --package /path/to/galactica.awp. Remember to use the full path to the file.