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下列准则适用于所有的KDE开发者,并且,希望所有拥有KDE SVN帐号的人都能遵守这些准则。SVN 的commit 准则是最为重要的。开发库函数(主要是kdelibs,当然SVN的核心库函数的开发当属此列)的人应该阅读库函数文档准则(还有apidox howto文档).

SVN Commit Policy
保证KDE SVN能正常工作。有三条黄金定律(确保能编译,遵从既有代码风格,使用描述性的日志消息),以及其他18条规则。他们使得您的SVN贡献能够最好的发挥作用。
Application Life Cycle
Licensing Policy
KDE SVN中的文件不能随意的授权。这条准则规定了在软件仓库中什么是可以做的。简而言之: 对库函数使用LGPL协议,对其他东西使用GPL或BSD协议。
Library Documentation Policy
(重)使用库需要做文档说明。这条准则解释了为什么以及如何做文档,以及需要遵从的风格。apidox howto 含有更多为库函数写文档的技术信息。
Library Code Policy
Kdelibs Coding Style
Adding New Classes to kdelibs
CMake Coding Style
CMake and Source Compatibility
CMake Commit Policies
Binary Compatibility Issues With C++ (Original)
A quick overview of issues with binary compatibility with C++. Keep this in mind while altering the API of kdelibs.
URI & XML Namespaces Policy
Sometimes KDE technologies and applications needs URIs, such as for XML formats. This policy describes practices for that, and how to allocate URIs.
API to Avoid
There are classes and functions in Qt or other places that should be avoided by KDE applications.


Whereas policies are normative for individual developers -- that is, they describe how developers must behave -- procedures describe how 'the KDE project' as a whole has chosen to behave. We describe what we will do under certain circumstances and why.

Security Policy
How security problems can be reported to [email protected] and how the security team responds to security issues.
Packaging Policy
This describes KDE's viewpoint on binary packages and elaborates the statement 'KDE provides source.'

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