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The kdecore library is the basic application framework for every KDE based program. It provides access to the configuration system, command line handling, icon loading and manipulation, some special kinds inter-process communication, file handling and various other utilities.
The kdeui library provides many widgets and standard dialogs which Qt doesn't have or which have more features than their Qt counterparts. It also includes several widgets which are subclassed from Qt ones and are better integrated with the KDE desktop by respecting user preferences.
The kio library contains facilities for asynchronous, network transparent I/O and access to mimetype handling. It also provides the KDE file dialog and its helper classes.
The khtml library contains the KHTML part, a HTML browsing widget, DOM API and parser, including interfaces to Java and JavaScript.


主应用框架 - 所有程序都要用的类。

配置设定 - access to KDE's hierarchical configuration database, global settings and application resources.

  • KConfig - provides access to KDE's configuration database.
  • KSimpleConfig - 处理简单,非层级关联的配置文件。
  • KDesktopFile - 处理 .desktop 文件。
  • KGlobalSettings - convenient access to not application-specific settings.

文件和URL处理 - URL解码,临时文件

进程间通讯 - DCOP helper classes and subprocess invokation.

工具类 - 内存管理,规范表达式,字符串处理, 随机数

键盘快捷键- classes helping to establish consistent key bindings throughout the desktop.

  • KAccel - 键盘快捷键集合。
  • KStdAccel - easy access to the common keyboard shortcut keys.
  • KGlobalAccel - 系统级快捷键集合。

图形界面 - 图标加载和操作

  • KIconLoader - loads icons in a theme-conforming way.
  • KIconTheme - KIconLoader帮助类。
  • KPixmap - a pixmap class with extended dithering capabilities.
  • KPixmapEffect - pixmap effects like gradients and patterns.
  • KPixmapIO - QImage到QPixmap快速转换。

拖拽 - drag objects for colors and URLs.


Widgets - widget classes for list views, rules, color selction etc.

  • KListView - a variant of QListView that honors KDE's system-wide settings.
  • KListBox - a variant of QListBox that honors KDE's system-wide settings.
  • KIconView - a variant of QIconView that honors KDE's system-wide settings.
  • KLineEdit - a variant of QLineEdit with completion support.
  • KComboBox - a variant of QComboBox with completion support.
  • KFontCombo - a combo box for selecting fonts.
  • KColorCombo - a combo box for selecting colors.
  • KColorButton - a button for selecting colors.
  • KURLCombo - a combo box for selecting file names and URLs.
  • KURLRequester - a line edit for selecting file names and URLs.
  • KRuler - a ruler widget.
  • KAnimWidget - animations.
  • KNumInput - a widget for inputting numbers.
  • KPasswordEdit - a widget for inputting passwords.

对话框 - 选取文件,颜色,字体的完整对话框。


  • KAction - abstraction for an action that can be plugged into menu bars and tool bars.
  • KActionCollection - 一系列Actions.
  • KXMLGUIClient - a GUI fragment consisting of an action collection and a DOM tree representing their location in the GUI.
  • KPartManager - manages the activation of XMLGUI clients.


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