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Mêd Brek

Hello, Ytsma, I was tempted to practice my Frysk (of faaks "Frútsk"), but I'll stick with English. :-) About this:

"In foarbyld fan in flater is bygelyks:applikaashe(applikaasje), falter(flater), opslaan(bewarje). Ek wol it noch wolles foarkomme dat der yn in sin in nederlânsk wurd stiet."

While stealing harvesting Your .po files for a project of my own, I noticed a few entries that looked a tad odd to me, including: altenatyf (alternatyf?), tugnsten (the English word -- tungsten?), and tidlike (tydlike?).

Would my making a note of such things and reporting them as I go be helpful? Or perhaps not? Maybe they aren't errors at all, and/or maybe You folks are already three steps ahead of me.

If You have no strong preference against playing ping-pong oerlissiden, answering on my talk page works better for me. Thank You, Snakesteuben 07:10, 22 August 2008 (CEST)

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