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I've noticed the following things that may have a place on devnew...

  1. Forums - ISV's have regular public communication on MSDN, while KDE has a single forum, which, iirc, is not KDE eV (or other) owned. There should be a developer specific forum, with subforums aligned with the wiki. This will also ease the addition of information to the wiki as specific incidents are encountered during the ongoing development cycle.
  2. Architecture
    1. Software as a Service
    2. Service oriented architecture
    3. Service oriented infrastructure
    4. Security
    5. Rapid development, case studies, etc.
    6. KOffice as a software design platform, in terms of collaboration and communication
  3. Web development - Its obvious that this is a KDE site, but one thing included in sites such as MSDN is the inclusion of information relative to web development. With khtml, webkit, firefox, opera, ie6 via wine - and now the ie7 rendering engine via wine - KDE could be called a premier web testing environment. It may be beneficial to cover such topics on the site, along with tools used to develop sites (Quanta, KImageMapEditor, KLinkStatus, whatever the case may be), setting up such testing environments, etc.
  4. Server Tools - specifically any KDE tools that manage, create, extend sql servers, apache, whatever
  5. Business communications flow - Developing software for the flow of enterprise communications has become an extremely wide area of software development as of late. I believe in part this is nepomuk, but I don't have a full understanding of nepomuk to go on. This may be another point of note.
  6. Error reporting functionality. -Right now, for error reporting there is Is there any interface out there to ease error reporting for users? This may be considered separate from development, but perhaps some sort of reporting software, and configuration information for a bug server that would be compatible (to keep changes to a bug reporting app to a minimum) would be something ISV's would hold a specific interest in.
  7. KOffice - Kross is included on devnew - are there other ways ISV's can add onto KOffice? This would probably tie in well with #5 Business Communications Flow. Also, additional projects that maintain the same style as KOffice would be good to note specifically here.
  8. Design Patterns?
  9. KDevelop
    1. Learning the languages
    2. Tutorials using KDevelop
  10. Portable devices - Zaurus, Palm, etc, working with them and KDE, how to create a KDE app using opensync (im guessing here), links to qtopia and interoperability here, etc?
  11. More info - blogs, places to put code, irc channels, newsgroups, events, etc. Could also house sections designated to education, government, corporate, or even perhaps medical and other specific types. Courses and certifications, if applicable.
  12. Audio & Video casts?

Just some random thoughts... Opinions?

Especially video casts could be interesting. Blender once had some videos. KDevelop could benefit here, as well as Quanta. Besides, this are quite some ideas we definitely should think about. This discussion could also go to the discussion of Projects/Partners =) --Dhaumann 21:30, 15 January 2007 (CET)
True, I didn't want to clutter the Projects page with too much stuff. I'll reformat it for easier reading/more coherent thoughts later, and add it then. --CuCullin 21:42, 15 January 2007 (CET)

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