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Hello Aseigo, I have been using KDE for some years, but I am a newbie in contributing, posting and posing questions in forums.

I was able using Plasma Destkop Scripting to solve some problems concerning the width of my panel. Thank you very much for that.

unfortunately, I cannot move an existing widget, which belongs to an activity. The activitys id is 63, the widgets id is 66. The type of the widget is "folderview".

And that´s my command, I unsuccessfully execute via the "Desktop Shell Scripting Console":

activityById(63).widgetById(66).geometry.moveTo(90, 100)

the command execution causes not to an error msg, even the runtime of the script will be indicated. furthermore the functions adjusted(), setRect(), moveLeft() and so on do not help me to move the widget at all.

On the other hand I certainly now, that activityById(63).widgetById(66) points to the wished widget, because I can test it via

print("height: "+activityById(63).widgetById(66).geometry.height) print("width: "+activityById(63).widgetById(66).geometry.width)

both print-commands return the correct values. Would you please explain me, how my widget with id 66 can be moved via Plasma Destkop Scripting?

Greetings, herbie

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