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Here we continue the discussion previously on mailinglist.

The IRC channel is #kde-git on freenode.

It has been decided that KDE will move from svn to git on gitorious do we have an official statement of such or anything we can refer to for this? -Jeremy Whiting 9/24/09 9:38 AM .
Amarok has made the plunge already and has shown a couple issues that will need solving before KDE moves over also. Use this document to enumerate those issues (and any others you find of course) with the migration, and to record progress on each issue.

I've also added the list from GCDS that was in this email

Remaining issues that must be solved before the migration.

e-mail notifications

1% completed (estimate)


Owner: (Gitorious wants to fix this)

Everyone added to the kde-developers group gets an e-mail when anyone makes a merge request to any of our projects. This is undesirable (as most kde devs are not Amarok devs and many other permutations). A solution for this will have to be developed on gitorious before all of kde goes to gitorious


See response to ACL support -Mike Arthur 19/10/2009 16:09
just because someone needs commit rights to a project doesn't mean they want to listen to all merge requests for that project. also what about kwin vs plasma vs konqueror vs whatever-else in kdebase... --Chani

Method for joining the team

0% completed (estimate)


Owner: (unknown)

A button to join the kde-developers team would be very useful instead of needing to poke admins. This would probably use a similar mechanism to current method for granting svn accounts, i.e. two people vouch for a person to let them in the team.


ACL support

0% completed (estimate)


Owner: (unknown)

Support for access control lists. from gcds: 1 project for all accounts on gitorious? sub-project membership? how should gitorious account system work?


Each project needs owned by one group so the kdebase/kdepim/etc groups might work well here -Mike Arthur 19/10/2009 16:08
wait, what? why? iirc we decided everyone would be in the kde-developers group... --Chani

Account setup on Gitorious

0% completed (estimate)


Owner: (unknown)

How do the people get accounts on gitorious? Telling them to make one themselves puts up a big hurdle that people don't need.


Really? It just requires an email/username/password, I'd be amazed if that's a "big hurdle" for people... -Mike Arthur 19/10/2009 16:02


98% completed (estimate)


Owner: Ian Monroe

Commit filter is not implemented on gitorious (or something similar) though rss feeds for each module you are interested in can be subscribed to in the meantime.


fixed, but how does one subscribe to notices?

pre-commit hooks

0% completed (estimate)


Owner: (unknown)

acltest, docbook, EOL/UTF-8
A web hook isn't good enough for these because they have to run and return whether to allow the push, for every single push to every kde repo.


gitorious guys said they *might* be willing to allow a few scripts on their server for kde as a special exception, iirc. --chani
Yes, at least for basic things, heavier things like doc building would probably have to be mirrored (goes for pre/post) --johan-s

post-commit hooks

0% completed (estimate)


Owner: (unknown)

  • email/CIA
  • license header checks
Gitorious is supposed to provide web hooks for this; have they started? who volunteered to write the scripts once that's done?


There is a branch of gitorious called web-hooks --Panagiotis Papadopoulos 1 November 2009

Get rid of svn:externals

0% completed (estimate)


Owner: David Faure

not possible with git, broken by design.


Is there a list of instances of svn::externals anywhere?- -Yokem55 19:27, 1 November 2009 (UTC)

Snapshot to read-only svn

0% completed (estimate)


Owner: Simon

It's work, but maybe some people would like it. NEEDED for documentation, in order to get it back into SVN for the translators/scripty/?


Could be done with a git-svn gateway presumably? -Mike Arthur 19/10/2009 16:04

Techbase Documentation

Owner: Chani, greeneg, - please help out!

10% completed (estimate)


At least minimal documentation about how to checkout, how to get a gitorious account, how to request a merge needed, other git documentation and links to other git information would be very useful also.


Nice to have before the migration:

Talk to people using other distros about git

0% completed (estimate)


Owner: Sebas


Talk to windows guys about git.

0% completed (estimate)


Owner: Danimo



91% completed (estimate)


Owner: darktears

This should be easily done with gitorious web interface and merge requests actually.


but reviewboard has features gitorious (right now) doesn't, like commenting on specific lines and not having to set up a merge request. --chani
Also email notifications when someone reviews are needed --thomasz
We're working on this for someone else right now, so pretty soon --johan-s

Email all kde-developers

0% completed (estimate)


Owner: Unknown

We need a mechanism (possibly as simple as a new field on kde-common/accounts) that will let us do stuff like email all account holders. This is important for major announcements, and for invalidating dead accounts.
Gitosis uses a similar file on the hosting side, maybe we could ask Johan if he can provide some kind of access to it.


There may be some privacy issues here, unless users opt-in to it --johan-s

SSH blocked in corporations and universities.

100% completed (estimate)


Owner: Unknown

Some universities tend to block the SSH port. There should be a workaround to use SSH on some different port. already runs a SSH server on port 443. But that assumes you are using a proxy. It has been found that this hasn't worked with a lot of people, especially those who have a direct connection to the internet ( so some transparent blocking by the ISP ). It would be great if (almost) every KDE developer were to be asked to check if other ports work before KDE made the switch. Otherwise there could be an automated email where the git patches could be sent, and appropriately patched to the right location too.

Discussion, and there's always been HTTP cloning (although the current impl. in Git is a bit on the slow side) --johan-s

Other post-migration stuff:

Website Branding

2% (initial ideas on the table)


Owner: ruphy

KDE gitorious should be branded accordingly


convert all accounts to SSH

multiple git repos joined

use repo tool from android?

other notes

KDE accounts file is no longer useful---used for mapping svn ID -> email, but we have that now from gitorious. might be a good guide on what docs we need.


michael jansen: talking to kdesvn-build/mpyne
--Done? -> -- Panagiotis Papadopoulos 1 November 2009

thiago and sebas: funding

jonas: domain name

thiago: actually convert :D (ThomasZ put some work in the converter tool to make it easier to use; see his 'svn2git' project on

ML: convert to SSH

chani: techbase docs for scripty

thiago: pre/post-commit hooks

sebas/lydia/leo: communication with teams! tell people! keeping track that everything is being done.


amarok first, then also phonon... then talk about whether to go all together or piecemeal. thiago prefers all at once. --> ideally before 4.4 freezes, but it has to be after 4.3 is branched.

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