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  resultsheader = Знайдено %TOTALPAGES% сторінок. Список:\n
  resultsheader = Знайдено %TOTALPAGES% сторінок. Список:\n
== Basic Course Skeleton Planning ==
The basic course skeleton currently contains the following units:
{| class="sortable" border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" style="border: gray solid 1px; border-collapse: collapse; text-align: left; width:100%;"
|- style="background: #ececec; white-space:nowrap;"
! width=100 | Status
! width=200 | Name
! width=200 | Description
! width=200 | Coordination
{{FeatureTodo|In a Restaurant||Oindrila}}
{{FeatureInProgress|On the Street||Andreas}}
{{FeatureTodo|Food/At the supermarket||Magdalena}}
{{FeatureTodo|Time and dates||Magdalena}}
{{FeatureTodo|At the doctor's||Magdalena}}
{{FeatureTodo|Countries and cultures||Magdalena}}
{{FeatureTodo|At a Party||Oindrila}}
{{FeatureTodo|On a Date||Oindrila}}
{{FeatureTodo|In an Interview||Oindrila}}
{{FeatureTodo|At a Bank||Oindrila}}
{{FeatureTodo|In an Emergency||Oindrila}}

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