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KDE SC Release Packaging Thoughts

1. the CI System

 - all the KDE SC modules are built continuously
 - no packaging unless all modules build ok
   (even better would be to force all make tests too)
 - the packaging tools run on the CI system generating "test" tarballs.
 - the "test" tarballs could be downloaded from the CI system

2. the KDE Sysadmin Team

 - provides and manages the CI system
 - will transfer "test" tarballs to the public ftp site
 - prepares the public ftp site for bandwidth requirements at release announce time

3. the KDE Promo Team

 - writes and distributes release announcements through normal channels
 - deals with the media
 - manages public expectations

4. the KDE i18n Team

 - maintains the languages list

5. the KDE Release Team

 - coordinates the entire release effort
 - sets release milestones and dates
 - communicates important dates to the community and to distros
 - communicates important news to the community and to distros
 - creates "test" tarballs using the CI system and handles distro feedback
 - adds hot and security patches to the tarballs before the final release
 - creates "final" tarballs using the CI system
 - pushes tags to the module repositories in a timely manner
 - writes and maintains the necessary tools
 - writes and documents the release process

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