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My Lists and Tables of Stuff

Welcome to my world.

Minimum Requirements before a KDE 4.0.0 Release Candidate

* a functional workspace (i.e. Plasma)
* oxygen style working
* konqueror working
* dolphin working
* sound working
* kmail working
* kate working

"working" doesn't mean "bug free"; it means no known "grave bugs". "working" means using it doesn't make you want throw your computer out the window.

Bugs Encountered

Known Bugs
Application Issue Status
kinit autostart strigidaemon not autostarted  ?
kinit autostart nepomukdaemon not autostarted  ?
strigiclient thinks that strigidaemon is running when it isn't reported to Jos
strigiclient when creating index, cannot find any fields in .fieldproperties ontology database reported to Jos
knotify seems that all apps write "KNotificationManager::notify:: error while contacting knotify server" to konsole. Perhaps another daemon that isn't being autostarted?  ?

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