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My Lists and Tables of Stuff

Welcome to my world.

Minimum Requirements before a KDE 4.0.0 Release Candidate

* a functional workspace (i.e. Plasma)
* oxygen style working
* konqueror working
* dolphin working
* sound working
* kmail working
* kate working

"working" doesn't mean "bug free"; it means no known "grave bugs". "working" means using it doesn't make you want throw your computer out the window.

Bugs Encountered

Known Bugs
Application Issue Status
Autostart strigidaemon not autostarted  ?
Autostart nepomukdaemon not autostarted  ?
Strigiclient thinks that strigidaemon is running when it isn't reported to Jos
Strigiclient when creating index, cannot find any fields in .fieldproperties ontology database reported to Jos