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ImageSize  = height:150 width:600
PlotArea  = left:50 right:25 top:15 bottom:50
TimeAxis  = orientation:horizontal
DateFormat = mm/dd/yyyy
AlignBars  = late
Colors =
  id:kde4    value:rgb(0.7,0.7,1) # light yellow
  id:kde3    value:rgb(1,0.7,0.7) # light red
  id:koffice2 value:rgb(0.7,1,0.7) # light green
  id:qt4      value:rgb(1,1,0.7)  # light blue
  id:black    value:black
Period      = from:03/01/2007 till:11/30/2007
TimeAxis    = orientation:horizontal
ScaleMajor  = gridcolor:red unit:month increment:1 start:03/01/2007
  align:center textcolor:black fontsize:9
  bar:kde4 color:kde4
  from:04/01/2007  till:04/30/2007  text:[[SF]]
  from:05/01/2007  till:05/31/2007  text:[[Alpha]]
  from:06/01/2007  till:06/24/2007  text:[[FF]]
  from:06/25/2007  till:07/24/2007  text:[[Beta1]]
  from:07/25/2007  till:08/24/2007  text:[[Beta2]]
  from:08/25/2007  till:09/24/2007  text:[[Beta3]]
  from:09/25/2007  till:10/08/2007  text:[[RC1]]
  from:10/09/2007  till:10/22/2007  text:[[RC2]]
  from:10/23/2007  till:10/31/2007  text:[[4.0]] color:yellow
  bar:kde3 color:kde3
  bar:koffice2 color:koffice2

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