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A list of features/ fixes in Konqueror/ Dolphin that I'd be happy to work on, for discussion/ coordination with Peter and David.

  1. Fix folder expander when dragging from one pane to another (the dragee pane being in icon view)[r916701]. Backport to 4.2
  2. Fix folder expander for Column View[r916701]. Backport to 4.2.
  3. Implement the slightly simplified means of ensuring that the drag source widget is not deleted during folder expander-y. Probably not eligible for backporting[r916701].
  4. Mini-feature: When hidden files aren't shown in the Tree View, and a URL such as /home/me/.hiddenfolder/contents is entered, it would be nice to see this in the Tree View.
  5. Mini-fix: suppress the +/- selection box when we are dragging, similar to what we are doing with tooltips.
  6. Video Preview in the MetaInfo panel, with Play, Stop etc? [Update 20/01 - candidate patch from mkretz received]
  7. Sound previews on hover. No clue how best to do this, yet:
  8. Make MetaInfo widget/ panel thing available to Konqueror via a library. Discuss with Peter and David.
  9. Make Dolphin tree widget available to Konqueror. Discuss with Peter and David. Sub tasks:
    1. Auto-scroll of tree view should be made optional - many people find it very annoying and have a good use case for avoiding it completely (they like having the view area positioned at the root of the tree for easy access to top-level dirs).
      • Off by default in Konqueror?
    2. GUI for toggling this in Konqueror?
      • Add next to Show Hidden Files option in right-click menu?
      • Tiny little Settings drop-down at the base of the widget?
      • Tiny checkbox-like things at the base of the widget?
    3. Maybe gather user/ usability team feedback in blog about this.
    4. Ensure that the right-click menu in Konqueror has all relevant options (e.g. Open in New Tab/ Window, etc. Maybe gather user feedback in blog about thisMaybe gather user/ usability team feedback in blog about this).
    5. Ensure we can root at Home or Root (ideally, an arbitrary Kurl).
    6. (Speculative) - maybe add a sidebar for an "unrooted" tree, which follows the current view even to remote locations (i.e. with the current Home and Root rooted trees available in the Konqueror side-bar, navigating to ftp://[email protected] won't show the contents of ftp://[email protected] in the tree view, and it would be nice to do this).
  10. Add Places sidebar widget to replace KDE3's media:/ sidebar, giving access to devices in Konqueror.
  11. With the inclusion of the MetaInfo panel in Konqueror, it might be nice to allow QDockWidgets in Konqueror.
    • The sidebar currently has a "Multiple Views" checkbox which gives a rudimentary ability to choose and position panels, but QDock* is much more powerful.
    • Lots of UI problems to solve:
      • Should the config be Konqueror-Profile specific?
      • Should "Show/ Hide Navigation Panel" menu item/ shortcut show/ hide all QDocks that the user has arranged?
      • Does the name "Show/ Hide Navigation Panel" even make sense the way things currently are?
  12. Add Capacity Bar/ Zoom Slider widgets (optionally) to Konq status bar. This seems to be pretty easy, although I don't know if the Capacity Bar still looks a little too tall for the status area.
  13. Save/ Restore expanded folders in Detail Views in history for Dolphin and Konqueror.
    • Might need a format that persists across application sessions for Konqueror for use with Eduardo's "Session Restore" feature - maybe the canonical path of the expanded folders ... ?
  14. Hard: Save/ Restore selected files in history for Dolphin and Konqueror.
    • The fact that Dolphin deselects all on mouse-down makes this tricky.
      • Store a "backup" of the last selection if we mouse-down on a folder (i.e. - use could be about to enter that folder).
        • Have to make sure that this "backup" is discarded if it turns out the user wasn't going to enter the folder they mouse-downed on, after all.
        • With "double-click to activate" mode, this is even more difficult/ glitchy.
    • Would be nice to have the restored selected items being selected as the folder loads, rather than waiting for the folder to load fully, and then selecting all of the restored selected items:
      • Override something in DolphinDirModel ... ?
      • Might increase the number of calls to selectionChanged.
    • As with expanded folders, might need a storage format that persists across sessions.
  15. Implement some missing file views inside Dolphin, and allow all of them to be chosen in Konqueror (might cause problems with Konqueror's "Dolphin" toolbar, which currently lists three views. Kubuntu has a nice patch [ported to KDE4?] that adds a drop-down toolbar button that lists all views - might be a way forward). Config dialogs for some or all of these, only visible in Konqueror? Peter suggests the following approach:
    • icons view -> icons view (rows)
    • multicolumn view -> icons view (columns)
    • tree view -> details view ([x] expandable folders)
    • info view -> details view (calculation of size must be fixed -> new feature in Dolphin)
    • details view -> details view
    • (SSJ) I think we can happily drop Text View :)
  16. A few people have asked on IRC about having the click-a-row-to-select-a-file-rather-than-deselect-all - this will not be present in Dolphin, but might have a GUI option in Konqueror. [BUG:145358]
    • probably on by default(?).
    • Sub-task - add Esc as deselect all.
      • Modifiable shortcut or hard-coded? I can't find Esc in KDE3 Konqueror's Shortcut dialog.
  17. Middle-click on a file (not folder) opens the file with the topmost associated program [BUG:168866]. Special note: in Konqueror, this overrides embedding e.g. if a PDF is usually embedded in Konqueror on (double-)click, middle-click will open it outside of Konqueror with e.g. Okular.
  18. Re-order headers in Detailed (and so, Info) View.
    • Qt has this built in, but it is currently manually disabled.
    • Find out when and where to save it. Global, per-folder ... ? (Probably Global makes the most sense here).
  19. Maybe a views subfolder to go with panels, settings, tooltips etc?

List of features/fixes for 4.3 from Peter.

  1. Add search box that uses Nepomuk
  2. Cleanup settings dialog, so that each view-dependent setting will also be available in Konqueror (currently not all settings can be configured in Konqueror)
  3. Allow to configure which meta data are shown in the Information Panel.
  4. Settings dialog for service menus: Allow to hide service menus, allow to download new service menus.

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