I first used Projects/KDE_on_Windows but now run Kubuntu as my main operating system. I wrote an occasional journal of my adventures in getting Kubuntu working at user page

I mostly do documentation and support for Semantic MediaWiki, an extension to MediaWiki.

Techbase problems and what I'm going to do about them

2011-11-14: I'm frustrated as hell trying to figure out a problem with KDE (Strigi not indexing my stuff), and TechBase is not helping.

Some wiki woes also apply to userbase.

Service page problems

The Nepomuk blog's Documentation page has a Strigi Service link that goes to Development/Tutorials/Metadata/Nepomuk/StrigiService unfortunately this suffers from the same problems as the blog's Documentation page

  • BUG: doesn't say where the source is
  • BUG: doesn't say where the API is
  • BUG: doesn't say what the service looks like. Is it a process I can look at? What's the process name
  • TODO: techbase needs to have {{source}}, {{api}}, {{processname}} templates for creating links to these, and should have a series of form template that presents this sort of information about a project in an infobox:
 {{service| source= | api= | processname= | bugtracker= | kdemodule= | blog= }}

TODO: the split between userbase and techbase is dubious. I'm a user, but I want to go beyond the user documentation. You're just going to duplicate information like the processname, the blog, the bug tracker and the kdemodule in two wikis.

BUG: WTF happened to Getting Started? It used to have "Getting the source", now that's gone!

Techbase minor bugs

BUG: Template:Info is undocumented! Use <noinclude> </noinclude> to document what templates do!

BUG: Help:Contents says to use

 <span class="bsBugLink bsError bsError-NoConnection">{{bug|123456}}</span>

surely this HTML formatting junk should be part of a template, i.e. Template:Formatted bug

BUG: Template:Template has a silly confusing warning "If this page is not already in the "Template" namespace, it should probably be migrated to that location."

Instead, someone should just periodically look at WhatLinksHere/Template:Template and see if pages outside Category:Template are using it.

techbase interwiki issues

interwiki prefixes let you link between wikis. (That first link is an example of one, [[mediawikiwiki:Some link generates an external link to an article on mediawiki.or. But the interwiki prefixes on techbase have some problems:

  • There is a bug prefix, e.g., but why is it language="ᨅᨔ ᨕᨘᨁᨗ" attribute? Maybe that's why on userbase this doesn't do anything?
  • Why is there an empty bugs prefix, e.g.1234 ?
  • techbase and userbase have different interwiki maps, e.g. techbase has no wikipedia prefix, but userbase does e.g. wikipedia:Git?!

Layout bugs

I think all these bugs are in the Chihuahua skin, and they all apply to as well.

BUG: In three-column listings like , the techbase wiki skin makes the listing overlap the right-hand "Share your Knowledge" column.

BUG: In revision history the

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crashes into the light header with [View the content page] [Discussion about the content page] icons.

BUG: justified text looks bad in a narrow window. Allow ragged right column

BUG: when you select, the highlight color makes highlighted text look identical to a link. Try it, select this text and link Schedules and this text. You can't tell!

MAYBE: pre text just goes on and on off the right side. Consider using the wrap attribute of pre so that stuff wraps.

TechBase problems fixed!

  • fixed Template:Template to explain what it does
  • pulled in Template:Tl from Wikipedia, so that instead of fiddling with {{ you can use e.g. {{bug}} to generate a nicely-formatted {{bug}} which is also a link to a template.

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