Quality Criteria for Courses

A course is a ordered set of lessons. To be efficient for learning touch typing the content of the course should meet a few requirements.

Lessons should establish a course

The first lesson should cover the home keys
Usually a keyboard has to haptic markers for the keys belonging to we index fingers on the second row. These keys and the three adjacent keys outwards are the home keys. That's asdfjklö for the US keyboard layout.
Introduce two new keys per lesson
The unlocking order of keys is not fixed, but usually keys are introduced in pairs belonging to the same finger on both hands. Make your way from the home keys to the ones further away. Thus, the forth row should be introduced at last. Prefer keys for important characters of your language, this may require to bend the introduction pattern a bit. For example in French accents are really important, this warrants a lesson focusing on the accent key alone.
Extra emphasis on the new keys
Make sure the characters belonging to the newly introduced are the most or at least very frequently used characters in the lesson text.
Intersperse lessons with new keys with repetition lessons
These should have an even character mix covering all already introduced characters.
Dedicated lessons for capitalization
There should be several lessons focusing sorely on capitalization.

Text should be plausible

Lesson text should be composed out of real words and sentences
Optimally a lesson forms a comprehensible contiguous text on some subject.
Avoid non-word character combinations
This may impossible in the very first lessons where only a few characters are available, but as soon as possible only real words should be uses. Do not employ misspelled words at all cost.

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